Chops are sold individually.  Average weight of 12 ounces each.

Møsefund’s T-bone chops are beautiful, thick-cut loin chops that are the absolute pinnacle of fresh cuts.  Cut from the back of the loin, these bone-in beauties are quite simply the finest end-cut pork chops on the market. The fat cap can be intimidating until you cook and taste it. Wonderful.

Until recently only available to chefs, we're bringing the incredible texture and rich, full flavor directly to home cooks who are ready to bring their grill game to the next level.  We recommend brining before grilling over fire or pan roasting to really let the Mangalitsa flavor shine.

"Kobe pork makes the juiciest pork chop ever! Utterly sublime. I will never buy a pork chop at Whole Foods or anywhere else ever again."

Mangalitsa Pork T-Bone Chop

Mangalitsa by Møsefund

0.75 lb


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